NC Health Policy Forum

Episode 6: Access to Care

June 7, 2022

In this episode of the North Carolina Health Policy Forum from the North Carolina Medical Journal, host Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips interviews Randy Jordan, CEO of the North Carolina Association of Free & Charitable Clinics, about the myths and realities of the health care safety net. Then, Dr. Adam Zolotor of UNC interviews Senator Joyce Krawiec about the road ahead for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. In the final segment, hear from Michelle Ries, associate director of the North Carolina Institute of Medicine, about policy work happening in these areas. 


Topics Discussed:

Health insurance


Safety net


North Carolina General Assembly



Show Notes:

North Carolina Association of Free & Charitable Clinics 


Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Medicaid and NC Health Choice 


North Carolina's uninsurance rate: 


"New Incentive for States to Adopt the ACA Medicaid Expansion: Implications for State Spending" 


Medicaid Expansion and Other Key Health Provisions Included in the Governor’s Budget 


Expanding Pregnancy Medicaid Coverage Up to One Year After Delivery 


Economic and Employment Impacts of Medicaid Expansion Under the American Rescue Plan Act 


"Medicaid Expansion Panel Eyes Worker Shortages, Hospitals" 


A System for Health, Not a Health Care System by Dr. Adam Zolotor 


The Path to Insuring All North Carolinians: An Interview with Senator Joyce Krawiec 


NCMJ: Clinical Care in North Carolina 


Healthy North Carolina 2030 


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