NC Health Policy Forum

Episode 2: Contending with Adverse Childhood Experiences

June 7, 2022

In this episode of the North Carolina Health Policy Forum from the North Carolina Medical Journal, host Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips interviews Drs George (Tripp) Ake and Lisa Amaya-Jackson about adverse childhood experiences - what are they, how do they affect children, and how can policy improve health outcomes for children with multiple ACEs? Then, hear part of a talk from LaToya Powell, deputy general counsel at the NC Department of Public Safety, about the Chief Justice's Task Force on ACEs-informed Courts. In the final segment, hear from Michelle Ries, associate director of the North Carolina Institute of Medicine, about policy work happening in these areas. 


Topics Discussed:

Childhood trauma

Trauma-informed health care

Mental health

Justice system

Trauma-informed justice

Juvenile court


Show Notes:

Center for Child & Family Health: 


North Carolina Child Treatment Program 


"The Impact of Racism on the Health and Well-Being of the Nation" 


Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences with Evidence-based Care: Tripp Ake and Lisa Amaya-Jackson


Creating ACEs-Informed Courts in North Carolina (LaToya B. Powell) 


Chief Justice's Task Force on ACEs-informed Courts 


NCMJ: Addressing the Social & Economic Factors of Health in North Carolina 


Healthy North Carolina 2030 


Learn more about the North Carolina Medical Journal: 


Learn more about the North Carolina Institute of Medicine: 


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